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Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerator Co., Ltd. Won “Top Ten Sushang Employer Enterprises 2012”.

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On 10th of July, “2013 Jiangsu Enterprise Management Annual Meeting and the 3rd Sushang Business School Award Ceremony”, organized by Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association with other 14 Business Schools of Universities such as Nanjing University and Southeast Universities, was held in Nanjing Lihu Yazhi Convention Center. This meeting is themed with “New Management Thinking under New Political Economy Pattern”, and aims to provide ways for innovation management of Sushang enterprises by virtue of cutting-edge commercial thoughts from all Business Schools and business elites.

As the first and highest academic award special for Suzhou merchant community in China, it surely will generate strategic influence for promoting management innovation and reform of Suzhou merchants. The 3rd Sushang Business School Award Ceremony set up “2012 Sushang Special Contribution Award”, “2012 Top Ten Celebrities of Suzhou Merchants”, “2012 Top Ten Sushang Employer Enterprise”, and “2012 Sushang ‘Excellent Entrepreneurs with Innovation, Enterprising and Excellent, First Mover’, and there were 31 excellent entrepreneurs and enterprises won the award.

Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerator Co., Ltd. Won “Top Ten Sushang Employer Enterprises 2012”, and Professor Xu Kangning- Dean of School of Economics and Management of Southeast University gave this award to General Manager Qian Yonggui, Shen Wenrong, Board Chairman of Shagang Group, Jiang Xipei, Board Chairman of Far East Holding Group, Zhu Xiaokun, Board Chairman of Tiangong International, Wang Fucai, President of Real Nutriceutical, Yang Zongyi, President of Fuzhong Group award the prize at the same time. 

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