• 08.012014

    Changed the company name of “Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerator Co., Ltd.”as “Nanjing Aotecar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.”


  • 11.122013

    Identified as one of “The 10th Top 100 Excellent Automotive Parts Suppliers of China” by China Automotive News, China Automotive Parts
    Enterprise Information League and its independent Review Committee, and awarded the honor of “Excellent Automotive Electronics
    and Electric Appliance Supplier”.
  • 11.122013

    Qian was awarded as “An Excellent Entrepreneur of China Automotive Parts Industry”.
  • 08.062013

    Assisted in convening the Drafting Conference of industrial standard of electric compressor.
  • 01.012013

    Production and marketing about 4,320,000 compressors.


  • 10.082012

    Small-displacement Scroll Compressor for Automotive Air Conditioner 27942-2011 that the company organized to draft was unveiled and
    put into effect.
  • 07.192012

    Elected as a Director Member of “China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association Automotive Air Conditioning Committee”.
  • 07.022012

    Qian won the honor of “Top Celebrities of Suzhou Merchants” and “Top Ten Technology Talents of Nanjing”.
  • 06.272012

    Passed the certification of ISO14001:2004 and awarded “Green Grade Enterprise”.
  • 05.272012

    Rated as Excellent Supplier by Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen, DFPV, and Chongqing LIFAN.
  • 04.122012

    Accumulated about 110 authorized patents.
  • 03.212012

    Realized the production and marketing of 3,800,000 sets in the year.


  • 12.122011

    The new factory phase-II project was completed and put into use, with production capacity of 4,000,000 sets.
  • 11.242011

    Listed into Intellectual Property Strategy Advance Program of Jiangsu Province.


  • 12.012010

    Won the title of China Famous Brand.
  • 11.202010

    “Electric Scroll Compressor for Automotive Air Conditioner” won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangsu Province.
  • 8.152010

    Won Excellent New Product Award of Jiangsu Province.
  • 6.062010

    Production and marketing 268 sets.


  • 11.152009

    Drafted national standard Scroll Compressor for Automotive Air Conditioner.
  • 10.202009

    Aotecar’s new factory in Jiangning went into operation.
  • 08.052009

    In August about 1,000,000 compressors off the line in single year, a milestone for production and marketing of more than 1,000,000 sets.
  • 06-222009

    Obtained the financial aid for key science and technology achievement transformation from the Provincial Government.
  • 01.012009

    Obtained totally about 42 patents up to 2009, about 1,680,000 sets produced and sold in this year.


  • 12.122008

    Ranked into Forbes “China Most Potential Enterprises 2008”.
  • 11.242008

    National High-tech Enterprise.
  • 11.012008

    Identified as Excellent Supplier by DFPV, BYD and BRILLIANCE AUTO, and won Excellence Award of Cost from Chongqing Chang’an.
  • 10.272008

    Started to build the new plant in Jiangning.


  • 12.122007

    Awarded “National Top 100 Automotive Parts Suppliers”.
  • 11.242007

    Qian won the title of “Top Ten Celebrities of National Automotive Parts Industry”.


  • 12.122006

    “Variable displacement scroll compressor for automotive air conditioner” passed the technical evaluation.


  • 12.122005

    Awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”.
  • 11.242005

    Won the title of “Excellent Supplier” by TJFAW, HAFEI, IVECO and Cost Improvement Award by FAW Group.


  • 12.122004

    Aotecar scroll compressor for automotive air conditioner won Nanjing Award and Jiangsu Award for Science and Technology Progress.
  • 11.242004

    The company was awarded Tianjin Charade Inspection-free Product, and Excellent Supplier of HAFEI and IVECO.


  • 12.122003

    Certified to ISO/TS16949:2002.


  • 12.122002

    The product was listed into National Level Torch Program.
  • 11.242002

    Passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Manager Certification of SGS.


  • 12.122001

    Put into operation officially.
  • 11.242001

    Aotecar automotive air-conditioning compressor passed China Certification for Automobile Products.


  • 12.122000

    Aotecar fluoride-free environmental-friendly scroll compressor for automotive air conditioner was listed as Technological
    Innovation Fund Program of Technology Enterprise, obtained financial aid.
  • 11.242000

    Aotecar established technology exchange and cooperation relationship with Purdue University, and invited Professor Cohen-a world
    famous compressor expert as consultant.
  • 10.242000

    Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerator Co., Ltd. was founded officially in May.


  • 09.151999

    Fluoride-free environmental-friendly scroll compressor for automotive air conditioner (WXH-086) passed the technological achievement
    evaluation of Jiangsu Province Technology Committee.

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